Now who you think I am? Worse than all the rest?
That’s what I’ll be now, just like no one said.
Did anybody see that? There’s a crack right down my head.
But mama, how they’ll cheer for us, while the blood drips down our legs.

I’d like to know if you could see through the soul like I could see to your soul back then,

and reach your hands through all the hurt and defenses. Would you still try if you knew I was gone?

I wanna caution you to watch out for the wolves and for the mad, mad weather.

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

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Yay! They approved of my design for the childrens Sherlock Holmes event :D

Game day!!! Feyenoord - Zorya Luhansk.We better win this one, glad that Clasie will still be playing for us! :)

lol, I’m on a roll about this Black Face thing in The Netherlands during the Sinterklaas event. So many racist people replying, wow, wow, wow. “Black people want to be compensated for something their ancestors went through, so they never work and live off of welfare and thus have the time to attend a protest against Zwarte Piet (black pete/black face)”. WHAT UTTER BULL CRAP. Never met a black person that didn’t also work hard for his/her money, sure some might not have work, but white Dutch people don’t all have work either… It’s something that happens in every layer of society that people can’t find a job and are forced to live off of welfare because of it.

Such racist shit man, really. But don’t worry, I strike back with my wit and thoroughly thought out answers :) Fuck racists.

It’s funny how I always come across as calm to strangers, while inside I feel like I’m exploding.


smashmouth was right… so much to do, so much to see

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Aaron Paul’s Acting in the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad Appreciation Post.